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According to Arizona law, if someone is injured or killed in an automobile accident the police must be called and a report must be made. Not doing so might have significant consequences—therefore it is critical that if you are compelled to do so, you do so immediately. 

You may also need to notify the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) about the accident, and failing to do so might result in hefty penalties. Here’s everything you need to know about reporting an automobile accident to the police in Arizona, as well as how to submit a DMV report: 

Reporting a Car Crash in Arizona

If the police fail to prepare a report at the site of an automobile accident in Arizona, you must file a police report. Calling 911 from the scene of an accident and having the responding officer fill out a report using the form named “Police Accident Report” may suffice. 

Because of this, it is important to report any accidents that result in harm or death to the authorities. As a result, it is best to be safe rather than sorry. The local police department or an attorney can check to see if a police report has been made on your behalf. 

Depending on where your vehicle accident occurred, the actions you must follow to make a police complaint will vary. Accident reports are handled differently by police agencies and precincts. To submit a report in person, you may have to go to the local precinct, or you may be able to do so over the phone or online. A police complaint can be filed in a variety of ways; nevertheless, you will normally require the following information:

  • Information from your state-issued driving license 
  • Your vehicle’s license plate number 
  • When and where did the accident occur? 
  • Other driver’s car and insurance details (if you have it) 
  • The location and amount of each vehicle’s damage (if you know)

Notifying the DMV of a Arizona City Automobile Accident 

Arizona’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will likely require you to submit a police report for your vehicle accident, regardless of whether or not you need to do so. All accidents resulting in injury, death, or property damage in excess of $1,000 must be reported to the insurance company. After an accident, even if police have already filled out and submitted a form, you must still report it to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Using a form, Report of Motor Vehicle Accident, to notify the Arizona State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Fill out the form as completely as possible, and be sure you only provide information you know is correct. Don’t make assumptions. Consult a lawyer before mailing the form to the Arizona DMV if you are unsure how to fill out any of the sections. 

In the Event that the Police Didn’t Make a Record of the Incident, What Happens? 

It’s common for people to have questions about how to go about filing a police report when they don’t know for sure whether the responding officer has already done so. A lawyer or a local police department should be contacted if you are unsure how to do it on your own. 

Accidents that are not reported to the local police department might indicate either I that no one reported the accident, or (ii) that you have contacted the wrong jurisdiction. If you don’t report an accident, you might face fines and complications with your insurance claim, so don’t give up. Ensure that the accident is properly documented and consult a lawyer if you have any queries or concerns. 

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