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Burn injuries are among the most severe and life-threatening injuries you may get, and they frequently need hospitalization, surgery, and long-term inpatient care in a burn center for specialist treatment. Burn injuries change people’s lives for the rest of their lives, far beyond the scars they leave behind. If you or someone you care about has suffered burn injuries as a result of someone else’s carelessness or unlawful behavior, you may be entitled to compensation to pay your medical bills, lost earnings, and physical and mental suffering.

Chad assists people in Arizona who have suffered severe and extensive burns in order to recover their losses.

Others’ irresponsibility in a variety of areas can result in severe burn injuries:

Explosions and fires are two of the most dangerous things that can happen to you.

Severe burn injuries can result from the negligence of others in various areas:

Fires and Explosions

        Apartment Fires

        Gas Explosions

        Home Fires

        Wild Fires

Defective Products





    Faulty Wiring

    Damaged Wiring

    Utility Negligence


    Negligent Exposure to harmful chemical gases

        Skin and Lung injuries

    Work-related use of harmful chemicals

    Transportation of Harmful Chemical Accidents

    Eye Injuries

Vehicle Accidents

    Faulty Designs

    Negligent or Faulty Assembly or Manufacturing

    Transport of Harmful Substances

Accidents at Work

    Industrial Explosions

    Industrial Materials

    Industrial Equipment

There are a wide range of types of burn injuries:


    Thermal Burns (contact with hot objects and flames)

    Electrical Burns

    Gasoline Burns (flammable liquid burns)

    Scald Burns (from hot liquids)

    Chemical Burns

    Heat Burns (proximity to extreme heat)