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After a car accident in Phoenix, “What to do?”

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you’re likely to feel bewildered and overwhelmed. You should also take immediate action to ensure your physical health and the authenticity of a car accident injury claim, such as contacting one of our trained and renowned Phoenix car accident lawyers. 

In the aftermath of a car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle collision, the following are the most critical steps to take: 

It is normal for car accident victims to be unaware of their injuries until the next day or even longer. One should not take the danger of leaving an injury that might be life-threatening untreated lightly. Additionally, your doctor is likely to give you written records of any injuries that may be linked to the event. 

Because the vast majority of the people who are involved in car accidents do so while carrying a smartphone, it is critical that the accident site be documented as quickly as possible. After exchanging insurance information with the other party, take photos of the accident location, the damage to the automobile, and whether or not the airbags deployed successfully. Even if the police document the damage and the scene for you, you should still preserve a copy for your own records. 

They are instructed to pay as little as possible for an accident victim’s medical bills. Big Chad Law offers a no-obligation consultation to assist you better understand your legal options, how to protect those options, and how to pursue the just recompense you are entitled to. As a way to allow you to concentrate on your recuperation, we will handle all of the paperwork and insurance companies. 

Due to Arizona’s Statute of Limitation for Car Accidents 

There is a two-year statute of limitations in Arizona, including Phoenix, to file an injury or wrongful death claim after a car accident. A car accident victim’s or his or her family’s claim for compensation must be filed within two years of the incident. 

Any damages caused by your conduct if you get into a car or vehicle accident in Arizona will have to be paid for by you. People who have been gravely wounded in a car accident but were not at fault for the occurrence are the only focus of the legal firm’s business. 

You’re on your own when it comes to securing an insurance policy. 

An insurance adjuster’s goal is to reduce the amount of money you get from your policy after an accident. 

A personal injury lawyer isn’t essential, they will tell you. Doing this serves what purpose? Having a personal injury lawyer will cost them more money than if they don’t, thus they’ll pay you less. 

In the investigation of a catastrophic car accident, an Arizona accident lawyer with competence is great. When it comes to securing a certified medical expert, automobile accident victims may also need the help of a lawyer. 

As long as the issue remains unresolved, you owe no one a penny. 

First and foremost, our customers want to know how much they’ll repay us following an accident. 

Big Chad Law uses contingency fees. We do not charge our Phoenix car accident clients anything until and until their case is satisfactorily handled with the insurance company or firms, or until their case is won in the courts of law. 

Investigations into RideShare related Crashes i.e Uber, Lyft, Disabled Transport, etc… 

A lot of RideShare vehicle accident injury lawsuits have been successfully handled by Big Chad Law, and we are well-positioned to settle or win these kinds of disputes.


Do I Need a Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer? 

Is this a yes/no question? Insurance companies are able to keep rates low for clients because they have the support of large corporations. Big Chad Law automobile accident lawyer Mike Moldoveanu has been battling insurance companies for years to obtain accident victims the compensation they deserve. This affects more than simply the insurance adjuster appointed by your insurance company to handle your claim. In addition, the insurance adjuster from the other driver’s business is also engaged. To ensure that the insurance companies involved in accident claims or litigation treat our clients with the utmost respect and care, Big Chad Law has made it a priority. 

What are the time limits in Arizona for bringing a car accident lawsuit? 

The Arizona Statute of Limitations, which ends precisely two years from the date of the injury, applies to Phoenix automotive crash damage claims.. There is one exception to this rule: When the injured person does not realize they have been injured until long after the accident has occurred. A Big Chad Law accident injury lawyer can help you understand more about this law and how it may relate to your situation. 

How can I find the top Phoenix car accident lawyers? 

Before opting to work with us, many of our prospective clients inquire, “How can I identify the best Phoenix car accident lawyers?”. Word-of-mouth and referrals from delighted customers, as well as advertising and our long history of success, bring us a lot of new clients. Accolades and badges from websites where the attorney or law firm just pays to be acknowledged might be a red flag for scammers. Look at the law firm’s track record to see how long it has been in business. Reviewing a company’s internet reputation is essential if you want to know how it treats its consumers. The unfavorable evaluations from those who thought they had a legitimate legal claim but found out they didn’t shouldn’t scare you away. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. 

In Phoenix, Arizona, can it take a long time to get compensation after a car accident? 

At the commencement of a case, we are unable to provide a definitive answer to this question. It is impossible to predict how long a case will take to resolve because of so many variables. How long our clients require medical care and therapy will determine how much money we seek for from an insurance company or a corporation in a settlement, for instance. If a settlement cannot be reached within an appropriate period of time, we may file a civil action against the insurance company or firms. 

Car Accidents and Injuries: An Examination of the Factors at Play 

The great majority of accidents involving automobiles and other motorized transportation vehicles are caused by driver error. Accidents will decrease as a consequence of more people slowing down and driving more carefully. In the state of Arizona, accidents caused by drivers speeding are more prevalent than any other traffic crime. 

An automobile accident may be caused by a variety of factors, including the driver’s actions. Because of flaws in the design of certain cars, it is possible to get into an accident. Some examples include a sticky gas pedal or a propensity to roll even while driving safely. Accidents or worsening of existing injuries might occur if components or the overall vehicle design is poorly conceived or manufactured. 

Manufacturer-installed components, including safety belts and braking systems, have been related to more severe injuries. Many car manufacturers wait until they are required by the government before implementing new safety features because of public demand. 

Holding the brake down while the vehicle is moving may be necessary for certain kinds of vehicles in order to choose Drive or Reverse while they are moving. If the automobile manufacturer installs this feature, you have a right to expect it to operate. Many individuals have died as a consequence of the removal of this safety feature by different automobile manufacturers. 

According to certain drivers, the backhoe is able to reverse when in park mode. To avert the disaster, all that was needed was one piece of safety equipment. Seatbelt and airbag design flaws may enhance the severity of a vehicle collision when they malfunction. 

Some car accidents are the result of mechanical malfunctions. As an example, changing a tire might result in the vehicle’s driver losing control of the vehicle. As a consequence of their work, the garage may be held responsible for any injuries you or anybody else suffers. 

Finally, automotive accidents may be caused by poor road upkeep and design. Whenever a road has a banked design, centripetal force is generated, which may even be felt at regular driving speeds. Damaged portions and blocked drains enhance the likelihood of an accident if the road is not repaired. Automobile accidents have risen sharply in recent years as a consequence of ineffective traffic control measures and errant signaling. The government may be held accountable for any injury or death that occurs as a consequence of these conditions in every instance.