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When Will You Require the Services of an Phoenix Immigration Lawyer?

The immigration laws of the United States are quite complicated. Hiring an attorney may save you a lot of time, frustration, and even money in some situations.

Unconnected to the U.S. immigration authorities, an immigration lawyer is an independent practitioner who helps clients with a wide variety of difficulties pertaining to visas, green cards, citizenship in the United States and other immigration advantages. There is no state-by-by-state distinction in U.S. immigration law, so you may receive assistance from an attorney anywhere in the country.

It is not necessary to contact an Phoenix immigration lawyer for all immigration difficulties. For example, if you’re planning a vacation to the United States and know you’ll be back in 90 days, you may not need a visa at all, but you may be able to use the Visa Waiver Program if you’re from one of the nations listed.

Immigration law in the United States, on the other hand, is exceedingly complicated. Hiring a lawyer may often save you money, time, and aggravation (in cases where you might have to redo an application done incorrectly the first time, or defend yourself in removal proceedings after an application goes seriously wrong).

An Immigration Lawyer is Needed When

Consult with an immigration lawyer if any of the following applies to you:

  • uncertainty regarding your fundamental immigration eligibility (green card, work permit, etc.)
  • in the United States you got government help, or you’re worried you won’t be allowed entry for any other reason
  • Any discretionary relief request, such as asylum or a waiver, entails convincing immigration authorities to make an exception or to provide you with advantages that it would not normally provide to another applicant in your situation.
  • obtaining a USCIS green card, citizenship, or other immigration benefit is proving tough for you; possibly further documentation has been requested of you.
  • you are in immediate need of assistance with an immigration issue
  • Deportation or removal procedures against you have been initiated, and you have received notice of this.
  • having been ejected from the United States, you now seek to re-enter
  • you’ve already had your immigration application rejected
  • You have been convicted of a crime or committed a crime and are attempting to enter the United States or defend yourself against deportation from the United States.
  • Your company hasn’t helped you with the immigration procedure and you intend to relocate to the United States to work for them.
  • When researching the application procedure, you’ve likely discovered that the sheer quantity of documents and paperwork you’ll need to complete is either overwhelming or time-consuming.
  • You want to come to the United States on the basis of financial investment.

An Phoenix immigration lawyer can help you with a variety of legal issues. There are a number of others as well!

A Lawyer’s Initial Consultation: What to Expect

On average, immigration lawyers charge between $50 and $100 to meet with you and discuss if and how they might help if hired. Only a select handful will provide a no-obligation trial consultation. Before selecting an attorney to represent you, you should speak with a few of them.

Don’t forget to bring your passport and other immigration-related personal papers with you, such as your visa(s), I-94, marriage certificate, criminal record, and any immigration notifications.

The lawyer will most likely ask you a few questions, take down notes, and then give you advice on how to continue and whether or not you need to provide or apply for any more papers.

There are several immigration attorneys that charge a fixed fee for basic matters like a marriage-based green card application. At contrast, a lawyer is more likely to bill you by the hour for less predictable legal services like representation in an immigration court hearing (which might grow into numerous sessions). View the Fees and Free Consultations Reports from Phoenix Immigration Lawyer as well.

This is an opportunity for you to explain your situation to the attorney and ask any questions you may have. Providing as much information as possible to your lawyer can help you prevent costly mistakes or unpleasant surprises. Your lawyer has a fiduciary obligation to keep the information you provide secret. To be clear: lying on behalf of a client isn’t an attorney’s job description. A lawyer (assuming he or she is trustworthy; some are not) will have to encourage a client to look elsewhere for aid, for example, if the person says, “I need help drafting papers for my fictitious, green-card marriage.