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An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is on hand to assist you.

An injury claim involving a motorbike might be particularly difficult to manage on your own.
Phoenix Motorcycle accident claims are routinely denied by insurance carriers for a variety of illogical reasons.
They try to blame motorcyclists for their own injuries by pinning dishonest preconceptions on them.
Mesa Motorcycle accident claims are frequently denied outright by insurance companies without even giving them a second thought.

Make sure you receive a fair compensation for your chandler motorcycle accident injuries by standing up to the insurance companies.
Engage the services of a Big Chad attorney and enforce your legal rights to recover the money you’re entitled under Arizona law.
Our attorneys have a great deal of experience putting together strong cases for clients who have been injured in phoenix motorcycle accidents.
Big Chad Law can help you with your motorbike case right now.

Simply contact a real attorney by dialing 1-(602)553-0000, filling out the Form, or chatting online today.
It’s due to your situation!

When it comes to the facts of my case, what can Big Chad do?

Our lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis. This implies that until you pay us, we won’t be paid. Unless we get a favorable outcome for you, you will not be responsible for paying any of our legal expenses. That’s what we’ve promised to do for you, dear reader. Big Chad may assist you in a number of ways, as listed below:

  • Prepare a Powerful Mesa Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit
  • Strive to reach an agreement that is favorable to both parties.
  • Compile a Record of Your Health History

Why You Need a Chandler Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Hear Your Story

The easiest way to avoid being taken advantage of by insurance companies is to hire an experienced phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer.
Over the years, several research projects have demonstrated how engaging a motorcycle injury lawyer may enhance the value of your case by up to five times than settling alone.

Insist on receiving the full value of your claim and refuse to accept anything less.
Engage the services of a lawyer and insist on being paid what you are due under the law.
Big Chad is the right place for your case!

The Mesa Motorcycle Accident Claim Process Under the Big Chad Law Firm

Step 1: Identifying the cause of the accident.

Big Chad Law’s initial move will be to look into your accident.
We accomplish this by getting a copy of the police report on your accident, looking at any pictures or videos of the incident, and speaking to any witnesses who may be able to help us prove our case.
Once responsibility has been proven, we can go forward with your injury claim.

Step 2: Gather Evidence to Support Your Claim

One of the most time-consuming parts of the claim procedure is gathering evidence to support your case.
We must wait for you to finish your treatment before compiling a detailed medical record of the injuries you’ve sustained as a result of the accident.

Step 3: Reach an Agreement Through Negotiation

A demand package will be sent to the at-fault party’s insurance company once you have finished treating your injuries and have gathered your medical documents.
Negotiations with your lawyer will commence after that.
If we’re unable to come to an agreement, you’ll be able to go to court.

Step 4: File a Lawsuit in Court.

Claims litigation can take one or even two years to complete, depending on how long your claim is in the works before it goes to trial.

Most Commonly Occurring Injuries in Chandler Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle injuries are all too common, as any experienced rider will attest to.
Motorcycles lack safety features like seat belts and air bags that are standard on passenger cars.
Motorcycle injuries can be life-threatening or even deadly as a result of this.
Big Chad Law’s phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys see the following sorts of injuries all too frequently:

  • Bones in Pieces
  • Psychiatric Trauma and Brain Injury (TBIs)
  • Death as a Result of Accident
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Torn or Damaged
  • Limb Loss or Paralysis
  • Accidents Resulting in a Broken Neck
  • Theft of Soft Tissues
  • Disfigurement of the Face
  • Damage to the Brain at a Serious Level
  • Suffering from an Injury to Your Shoulders
  • Back Discs That Have Herniated

You have a legal right to reasonable compensation for your injuries and losses if you’ve been injured in a motorbike accident.
Don’t settle for a mediocre counsel for your motorbike case.
Make use of the legal services of Big Chad Law to ensure that your damage claim is compensated to the fullest extent possible.

To learn more about how Big Chad can assist you, get in touch with our office right now.

You may reach a real attorney by calling 1-(602)553-0000, filling out the form, or chatting online right now.

There’s no reason to accept anything less than the finest.